New Pathways Counselling and Support offers in-person, video and phone appointments.

For the safety of all, if you are attending an in-person appointment, you are required to follow the guidelines for physical distancing of 1.5m, wear a mask whilst in the waiting area and sign in using the QR code.

New Pathways Counselling and Support offers counselling and psychotherapy to help clients better understand their concerns and needs.

We work with those who want change in their lives either for themselves and or in their relationships. Some of the problems we work with are depression; anxiety; panic attacks; loss & grief; times of transition; trauma; abuse; confusion; crisis; lack of confidence; stress; relationship distress, communication problems, conflict and enrichment: as well as personal growth.

The process of counselling and psychotherapy is one that is basically transformative as the capacity to make creative and fulfilling choices increases through a deeper understanding of self and a growing awareness of one’s own resources. Feelings of stuckness dissolve and a greater sense of confidence in ones’ ability to meet life’s challenges grow in an essential way.

New Pathways Counselling and Support is also expanding options for those with a physical or psychosocial disability and sees clients under the new National Disability Insurance Scheme. Clients can also be seen under WorkCover and through Victim Services.

Private funding may also be available through your Health Fund. Check with them to find out.

Call 0439 802 218 if you have an inquiry or would like to make an appointment. If we can’t answer straight away we’ll get back to you at the first available opportunity.  Alternatively, fill in the inquiry box below. 

Warm regards

Christine Urja Refalo

“We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land where we live, learn and work.  We value the contributions of Elders past, present and emerging.  We recognise and respect the cultural heritage and beliefs of Aboriginal people and are committed to honouring their unique cultural & spiritual relationship to the land, rivers and sea”

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