Counselling for Your Well Being & Mental Health

Counsellors and Psychotherapists work with respect for their clients, their values, their beliefs, their uniqueness, and their right to self-determination. 

The process of counselling and psychotherapy is one that is basically transformative as the capacity to make creative and fulfilling choices increases through a deeper understanding of self and a growing awareness of one’s own resources.

Feelings of stuckness dissolve and a greater sense of confidence in ones’ ability to meet life’s challenges grow in an essential way.

Couple's Counselling

Repair past hurts : Recovering from infidelity : Rebuilding trust : Manage conflict : Communication ground rules : Turn negativity into positivity : How to empathise : Create secure interdependence.  


Understanding your pain & emotions : Sitting in uncertainty : Letting go & moving on : Caring for yourself : Negotiating boundaries : What’s next? 

Stress Issues

The stressed system : Steps in management : Reducing stress : The relaxation response : Learn practical skills. 


Trauma symptoms : Psycho-education : Calming skills : Establishing safety : A whole body approach : Building capacity : From disconnection to contact : From shame to acceptance.  


The who, what &when of depression : Causes & Cycles : Your emotional genius : Where has my energy gone : Steps to contentment : Ingredients for Living : Daily Choices. 

Anxiety, overwhelm & panic

The who, what & when of anxiety : Understanding panic : Calm-soothing for emotional balance : Your emotional genius : Learn practical skills. 


Tuesday 10 am - 6 pm
Wednesday 10 am - 6pm
Thursday 10 am - 6 pm

Face to Face, Online & Phone appointments