Creative Arts & Play Therapy

A Gestalt Approach

Creative Art and Play are some of the most important ways in which we as humans have learned skills and roles needed for survival. It uses our natural creative process to explore emotions, thoughts, and experiences to develop awareness around our issues and concerns. It gives us a place to discover, create and express ourselves along with the sense of adventure, freedom and fun.

I may use various materials, modalities or tools at different times throughout the course of therapy depending on what is of the most therapeutic value, together with the clients comfort level in using such techniques. The use of Creative Art & Play is always a graded experiment tailored for each individual client. There is no skill or requirement to produce ‘art’.

Creative art & play therapy can be an effective way to help adolescents and adults who have an intellectual or developmental difficulty, learn, and move with greater ease through difficult passages in their lives. It can be particularly helpful for non-verbal clients or with restricted communication skills. Play therapy and play-based interventions are a wonderful way to meet and connect with this group of clients at their level of functioning. This approach assists them with social skill functioning, emotional regulation, connection, and building relationships. Interventions are designed to address specific learning styles and in particular, skill acquisition.

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