“72% of men impacted by prostate cancer-related mental health issues will not seek help.”

Facing the Tiger: a survivorship guide for Men with Prostate Cancer and their partners by Suzanne  Chambers provides practical strategies to help men cope with the emotional and psychological stress of living with prostate cancer and to regain a sense of ease about the situation they are in.

Compared with men in the general population, men with prostate cancer are twice as likely to experience depression and three times more likely to experience anxiety. They have a 70% greater risk of suicide than men in the general population.

That’s a tragedy. Such significant levels of psychological distress harm a man’s ability to navigate the complex treatment journey required for prostate cancer survivorship. It can compromise their physical health, their decision-making, their communication with health professionals, and their ability to effectively use support networks.

Psychological support for men after a diagnosis of prostate cancer and through their treatment journey is as vital as the drugs, surgery, and other medical treatments that save their lives. Counselling support will reduce considerable suffering for men and their families.