Individual Counselling

“Therapy for me has been a place for me where I have been met with deep care, presence, and respect. The therapeutic relationship is one where my emotional experience has been allowed together with making sense and meaning of my present and past experiences.
This, in turn, has helped me know who I am”.

Clients who come for individual counselling bring with them their burdens and ghosts of the past along with old outdated patterns that no longer serve them.  These patterns include their emotional reactions, defensive behaviours, core beliefs and harsh judgments to name a few.
Within an Individual Counselling appointment, you will find a calm place, where working at your own pace and comfort level, you are able to share what troubles, and hinders you, in your life. It is normal to feel anxious when coming to appointments, and in time and with experience this will subside. You will find an ear that listens, a heart that cares and a process that can be transformative.
Over time, the non-judgmental and accepting nature of counselling makes it possible to face many aspects of ourselves that we were previously unaware. Counselling will take you beyond where you can go by yourself.

“Psychotherapy is a specific type of enriched environment that promotes social and emotional development, neural integration and the processing of complexity”. Cozolino.

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