What is a typical therapy session?

There is a substantial amount of evidence that supports the quality of the therapeutic relationship to be an important factor in the process of change. More than not, you will sense if I am a good fit for you either at our first appointment though for some people this may take some time. At our initial meeting, I will usually ask about some of your history and the concerns that you bring. I will also make an assessment and contract with you on what it is you want to achieve in our time together. This will be more or less the same for every client whether you are an individual or couple client.
During subsequent appointments, we usually maintain the focus of our work on your initial concerns, yet as your awareness grows you may find that your initial needs are met and other issues arise. As I work using different creative techniques to suit the issue at hand each appointment can have its own flavor or theme. I work collaboratively with you to secure a level of comfort that suits you while inviting you to explore other aspects of yourself and possibilities that you also carry.

How long does therapy take?

Some clients have a very specific problem they need to solve and short term therapy from one to six sessions may be sufficient. For others weekly or fortnightly appointments are needed over a longer period of time. It all depends on what you need and want. As some issues and patterns have been carried for a lifetime, longer term therapy may be called for. Usually clients come to appointments more frequently at first and they are tapered off as the client accomplishes the goals mutually agreed upon with the therapist and feels a growing sense of well being.