Private Health Fund Rebates

Medibank Private rebates for counselling are available to Medibank Private members with appropriate policies. To make a claim, members must have a policy with the package bonus or membership bonus feature.

The following Medibank Private products include package bonuses that can be used for counselling, but are no longer available for purchase:

  • PremierPlus,
  • AdvantagePlus,
  • Smartplus,
  • HealthyPlus

The following Medibank Private products include the “membership bonus” are currently available:

  • Everyday Comprehensive
  • Settled Families Essentials
  • Settled Families Comprehensive
  • Security Comprehensive

The following products include the “membership bonus” but are no longer available to new members

  • New Families Essentials
  • New Families Comprehensive

Members will need to check that they have not already used their package bonus for other services. 

CBHS Health Fund

Rebates available for services provided by psychotherapists. Membership is only for current and former employees, contractors and franchisees of the Commonwealth Bank and eligible family members.

Doctors Health Fund

Rebates for counselling or psychotherapy are available to Doctors’ Health Fund members. Claims can be made for Mental Health Services of $100 per visit up to a maximum of $600 per year. The Fund emphases the ability of members to choose their preferred provider. Rebates are therefore available for services provided by registered psychotherapists or counsellors in private practice.


Rebates now available from Bupa.